About Us

Chirpy Chix was founded in 2010 when Sonia realised her passion to buy stylish fashion items on a daily basis. By this time her 4 kids were at the age where they knew better than mom, and mom’s style was absolutely not trendy. She then single handedly decided to take her “stokvel” money and to turn this passion for fashion into a business.

On a trip to Thailand to attend a wedding she secretly took empty suit cases and with one of her BFF’s she scoured Bangkok and shopped literally until she dropped .The rest is history—Chirpy Chix was born! 


Sonia and Jacolette on their first Bangkok trip.

The name Chirpy Chix was born at a typical “hen’s party” - decided on by her and a few of her closest friends when they were 'chatting' and 'chirping', while browsing through the new clothing she brought back from Thailand. Going on and on, just like a group of women can about the trendy and stylish items now available for sale in Sonia's living room! This went on for a few years, she would source fashionable and timeless pieces from all over, arrange a coffee date with friends and show off the clothing while they were catching up on life. 

Chirpy was now growing exponentially and Sonia decided to join Aardklop Arts Festival in Potchefstoom with her newest garments. She and a friend of her’s bought a few railings took lace curtains from her house and borrowed a table or two to set up a stall - they made a killing! 

 Jana dressed in Chirpy at Sonia's first Aardklop Festival

Fast forward to a few years later, Izelle, her oldest daughter joined Chirpy Chix as the finance guru. With an Honours degree in financial management she managed the books and admin for Chirpy as this definitely was not Sonia’s priority.

Sonia’s Finance 101 is: income - expenses = profit

 Sonia, Izelle and Bianca (sister in law) in Bangkok having a bite before they hit the streets for more shopping.

In 2019 Jana joined the business - with an honours degree in marketing, she focused on brand building. She succeeded in improving the brand image they all aspired to. 

Chirpy has become a strong regional brand and the vision is to consistently grow the brand to eventually become a well recognised national brand in South Africa.

Mom and her two daughters working together, doing what they love. They had lots of fun, lots of ups and lots of downs, but all in all had a blast.

Izelle & Jana busy with a shoot for some of the new Chirpy stock

Chirpy is now owned by Jana, the youngest daughter. She has a passion for fashion, marketing and designing. She works full time on this venture, working hard towards achieving her dream and enjoying every minute of it.

Sonia is a full time Ouma and recently started her new venture 'Bellamon Little Ones' - buying and selling baby clothing and accessories for all the little ones out there.

Izelle is a teacher and has her own business called Sophia's Choice Clothing.

Chirpy offers carefully curated fashion pieces sourced and imported from all over the world. We love all things pretty and want to share them with you. Chirpy is a dream come true and we are blessed to do what we love and forever grateful for the support that we receive from all of you!

Watch this space and let’s see where we will be heading next!