Get to Know Us

The Chirpy Dream Team


Owner and finance coordinator:

Jana studied and obtained her Honours degree in Marketing. She joined Chirpy Chix in 2019 as the brand manager. 4 years later, what once started as a family business, turned into a solo adventure as Jana now owns and runs Chirpy Chix. Jana is a creative force with a mind made for her business. She is passionate and healthily obsessed with making sure that all her hard work pays off. Jana oversees all the business and finance decisions, but still plays a role behind the scenes in the creative and design spheres of Chirpy Chix. She stays true to her roots and vision for the business by working full time on this venture, enjoying every minute of it!



Social media and marketing coordinator:

Courtney studied and obtained her degree in Fashion Merchandising. She joined Chirpy Chix in 2022 as the social media and content coordinator. Courtney has an eye for telling stories, and producing amazing content that speaks to the brand image and to you, our customers. She is in charge of making the Chirpy vision come to life through the content we produce and share with you. Courtney oversees all creative and marketing decisions, and every online order is hand wrapped with love by her. She spends every minute perfecting every last detail, and is excited to see where this journey takes her!



Customer service and e-commerce operations coordinator:

Michaela studied and obtained her Honours degree in Fashion Design. She joined Chirpy Chix in 2021 as an intern, and proceeded to work part-time at Chirpy in 2022 under Jana’s guidance. Michaela is dedicated to establishing the best customer experience, both online and in stores. Her organisational skills and to-do lists are unmatched. She is in charge of the systems management, store locations and customer service. When you chat to us over email or Instagram DM, it’s probably her on the other end!


Store locations:

The Village, Hazelwood, Pretoria:


Kate, our weekday shop manager:

Kate is hard-working and has an eye for the visual merchandising of a store. She makes sure that our flagship store is perfect and ready for you whenever you decide to visit us!


Mamello, our weekend shop manager:

Mamello has been a part of the Chirpy family for years, and is an important part of the future or Chirpy Chix. She has an eye for detail, and works tirelessly to produce the best customer experience.



Harvest Place Mall, Kempton Park, Pretoria:

Debra, our weekday shop manager:

Debra oversees our Kempton store, and brings a fresh perspective to the brand image. She is always up for a challenge, and experiences every moment with a smile on her face.


Buhle, our weekend shop manager:

Buhle is young and innovative, which allows her to create a brand experience that represents both her and Chirpy. She is enthusiastic and driven, making her a perfect addition to the Chirpy Team